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White Balance Lens Cap
Simple White Balance Control
The cap consists of a snap-on lens cap with a removable translucent dome in the center.By simply putting the cap on your lens,pointing the camera tat the light source and doing a manual white balance, superior colour correction is easily achieved-easier and more accurate then the camera’s auto white balance setting.
Simple to use:
With the Lens Cap mounted to the lens,take a reference exposure of the light falling on your intended subject with the camera set in - manual focus/auto exposure mode.The Lens Cap will allow the setting of a custom white balance based on the actual colour temperature of the light soure or sources.
Under the camera’s menu functions,locate the custom white balance setting and apply the reading.
Warm filter effect is for use when you wish to achieve warmer skin tones,ie:for portraits, or overall “warmer” conours in photos.
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